Vancouver Island Parochial District

.....serving the Ukraininian Orthodox Church on Vancouver Island

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Church located?

A: We have two! Our Victoria Parish (St. George's)  is located at 1100 Colville in Esquimalt, BC, Canada. Our Parksville Parish (St. Mary the Protectress) is located at 594 Karl's Way, Parksville, BC, Canada.

Q: How do I become a member in the Church?

A: Our Parish is always open to new members - Please feel free to 'show-up' anytime! Any of our board members would be pleased to discuss official membership with you after Liturgy during fellowship.

Q: What languages are the services in?

A: Most of the time Services are done in a combination of English and Ukrainian. You may find that sometimes the services are predominantly in Ukrainian, and other times you may find more English. This is something we are still working to find a comfortable balance.

Q: Is there English in the services?

A: Although the Divine Liturgy is predominantly in Ukrainian, The Gospel Readings and Epistle Readings are provided in both English and Ukrainian. As well, during the Divine Liturgy the Creed and Lord's Prayer are cited in both Ukrainian and English. The Sermon is always given in English.

Q: Do you have Sunday School?

A: Yes. At this time both of our Parishes have a small but eager Sunday School. New children are always welcome! 

Q: Are non-Ukrainian’s welcome?

A: Absolutely! We welcome and encourage everyone to come and worship with us. Portions of the Divine Liturgy are offered in English in order for everyone attending to feel a spritual connection with God. Most of our Prayer books are bilingual so that you can follow along during regardless of the language being spoken.

Q: Is it possible to meet with the Priest?

A: Please contact Fr. Peter to inquire about meetings and visitations.

Q: Are children welcome in Church?

A: We encourage children to attend our services. Most of the time they have the option of attending Sunday School during the marjority of the Service. If there is no Sunday School, or your child is too young to attend, they are more than welcome in Church during the entire service!

*Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have! We will be adding to the FAQ's in the future.

Home FAQ's